👥The Onyx DAO Team

Meet the members of Onyx DAO

Web3Geo aka King of Crystals

Position: Business Development Discord: Web3Geo#5075 Telegram: @Web3Geo Twitter: https://twitter.com/Web3Geo Meet Web3Geo, the ultimate DAO enthusiast, token economics wizard, and King of Crystals. As the COO and lead business developer of Onyx, Web3Geo is driven by a deep passion for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and a comprehensive understanding of the complex world of token economics.

Web3Geo has earned the title of King of Crystals due to his time at Crystl Finance. His business acumen is matched only by his mystical intuition, and he brings a level of insight and innovation to every project he touches.

But Web3Geo's expertise goes beyond just crystals - he also has a deep understanding of the intricate mechanics of decentralized networks and the principles of community-driven governance. His ability to navigate the complexities of this rapidly evolving landscape makes him a sought-after advisor and strategist in the industry.

When he's not busy building the future of decentralized technology or exploring the power of crystals, you can find Web3Geo sharing his knowledge with others or immersing himself into travel.

He's a true thought leader in the industry, and his dedication to advancing the principles of decentralization and community-driven governance is unwavering. If you are looking to establish a strategic partnership with Onyx ping Web3Geo.


Position: Marketing

Discord: HypnoJimmy#7952

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JimmyHypno

Meet Jimmy, the marketing maverick who's been crushing it for over 4 years in the cutthroat world of brand building and audience engagement. With a keen eye for strategy and an innate sense of style, Jimmy has helped numerous startups in Web2 and Web3 establish their voice and dominate their market.

Jimmy's a true master of the social media arts, and his skills in marketing and management are second to none. With 2 years of experience in the DeFi space, Jimmy's the ultimate hype man for anyone looking to make waves in the decentralized world. He knows what it takes to grab attention and build a passionate following, and he's always up for a challenge.

When he's not busy crafting killer campaigns or studying the latest trends, Jimmy can be found hitting the streets and exploring the city's vibrant culture scene. He's always on the lookout for fresh ideas and inspiration, and he never settles for mediocrity. Jimmy aspires to take the Onyx brand to the next level.

Richard Konnor

Position: Operations & Design

Discord: Richard Konnor#1309

Telegram: @RichardKonnor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RichardKonnor_

RK comes from a background in development team management as well as quality analysis and testing. He works closely with the Front-End Tech and Community & Marketing teams taking on tasks for graphical & visual asset design. His secondary role is in Testing where he strives to make sure every product released by OnyxDAO is always smooth and operational.


Position: Dev

Meet D3P, a software ninja with over multiple years of experience slaying web3 projects. With a black belt in computer science, D3P has mastered a range of technologies and programming languages to craft software solutions that pack a punch.

Before joining the web3 underworld, D3P dabbled in the corporate world of tradFi. But the call of the dark side was too strong to resist, and now D3P is on a mission to bring decentralized power to the people. Their passion for blockchain tech runs deep, and D3P is constantly pushing the limits to stay ahead of the game.

When they're not taking down bugs or building the next killer dApp, you can find D3P sharpening their skills or exploring the far reaches of the metaverse. D3P is fierce ally in the fight for decentralization at OnyxDAO, in D3P we trust.


Position: Design

Discord: S4#0991

S4 is a talented designer and user experience expert with a passion for collaboration and innovation in the Web3 space. She has worked with multiple Web3 and Web2 companies to design wireframes and establish intuitive, polished user interfaces and experiences. Her work is driven by a desire to inspire and design user experiences that push the boundaries of what is possible.

Her journey began in the Web2 space, where she gained extensive experience working with leading tech companies. She quickly realized that her true passion lay in the emerging world of Web3, and she decided to pivot her career towards this rapidly evolving field. Since then, she has worked with multiple Web3 startups and established companies, bringing her design expertise to bear on a range of exciting projects.

Today, S4 is a respected figure in the Web3 community, known for her ability to collaborate with diverse teams and create UI/UX designs that are both intuitive and engaging. She is constantly pushing the envelope with new design strategies and innovative approaches, and she is always looking for new challenges and opportunities to create the next level of user experience in the Web3 space.

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