💷Use of Future Funds

DAO funds will mainly be used to ensure runway for regular protocol expenses (admin expenses and salaries), research and development for new features, and for any necessary expenses (audits or smart contracts).

Revenue from POL, deposit fees, and business model will be put to use for next phases in the roadmap related to prediction markets, NFTs, and smart-ish vaults.

To protect the launch price of $0.50, Onyx DAO will look to initiate a buyback of $ONYX to support the price; however, this will only be done if the Reward Pool APRs are above 1,200% as Onyx DAO will restake the bought $ONYX to recoup investment to be used to further deploy Reward Pools.

None of the DAO funds will be used for buyback burns. The tokenomics were carefully designed so that each $ONYX token is valuable and the token is anti-inflationary through the use of pools.

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