๐ŸŽขEvent Speculation

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Quests is a real-time event-based prediction market for crypto, sports, politics, business, and science-related events. It allows users to speculate on the outcome of real-time events such as US elections, Cricket World Cups, Ethereumโ€™s Surge, Verge, Purge, and Splurge or Dogeโ€™s price reaching $1 by year end. It is designed such that users bet against each other and receive payouts based on wagers placed on opposing outcomes.

Resolving Quests

If exploring and predicting on Quests is one aspect of the game; resolving every event is another. This implies that once the event has occurred and the outcomes are known, you may resolve the Quest by bonding TBD on the eventโ€™s correct outcome.

โฐ Prompt Insights

Discord - Events Channel:

Event Notifications

  1. Open and Closed Events: The bot sends messages to the channel when a new prediction event is opening up and when an event is closing in 4 hours. To make timely predictions

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