💲Initial Funds Use

The deposit fees allow Onyx DAO to garner operating capital while funding reward pools for $ONYX holders which will run from launch day through the second month of operation. The rewards pools will establish a floor price using pools and market cap for $ONYX while reducing sell off.

Furthermore, the absence of deposit fees on $ONYX pools and farms offers immediate utility and yield for $ONYX holders.

The other core component of Onyx DAO is bonding; users will be able to sell $ONYX-$ETH liquidity to the protocol to earn $ONYX at a discount. This allows the protocol to accumulate POL and ensure a liquid token without the need for mercenary liquidity providers or an inflationary token.

Rehypothecation of Funds from Deposit Fees to Pools & DAO Funds:

  • 75% of fees go to pools, 25% to DAO operations until $200,000 total reached

  • 50% of fees go to pools, 50% to DAO operations between $200,000 - $500,000

  • 25% of fees go to pools, 75% to DAO operations after $500,000 total reached

Fee Wallets

  • Deposit Fee Collector: 0xF33206f0aD92af4d868c1Da486e6E117c11a8BAb

  • Pool Funds: 0x100FF94087bC3f6D419d1ff1ED8B8895308f7b38

  • DAO Operations Funds: 0x51BD0d0c452080B07216d74aBFf1DfF4B40A5d0c

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