🔍Roadmap - Onyx DAO Phase 2

Our upcoming features and releases for Phase 2 of Onyx DAO

Building for Sustainability

The Roadmap for the next phase of Onyx DAO consists of the features we will be implementing to earn protocol revenue. Part of the protocol revenue will be shared with $ONYX stakers for Real Yield rewards. As Onyx DAO grows and collects more fees, so will the Real Yield rewards for $ONYX stakers creating a positive feedback ecosystem.

Each feature on our Roadmap is broken up into the different stages of development it will go through before release, and the stages are detailed in the graphic below. As developments progress, the graphics will be updated to reflect the new stages and announcements will be made for full transparency.

Additionally, the Onyx DAO team will be holding Friday Community Standup Meetings in our Discord to give progress updates and answer any community questions.

The next phase of Onyx DAO will be centered around 4 major features: 30 Days of Pools, Perpetuals, Predictions, and NFTs.

30 Days of Pools

We will have dozens of Rewards Pools for users to stake $ONYX and earn major tokens including, $ETH, $USDT, & $ARB.

The current pools can be found on the main Onyx DAO Pools Page. These pools will last for 2-3 months as our features are developed.


A "perpetual" is a derivative contract that has no expiration date. It allows traders to speculate on the future price movements of an asset. Users will be able to open both long and short positions, with and without leverage. If the price of an asset increases, long positions opened via perpetuals contracts become more profitable; if it decreases, short positions become more profitable.

We are working with a major partner on this feature, and additional details will come as developments are finalized.


Predicting the price of tokens, such as $ARB, and event based predictions. We will include details on the tools we will have to help you better analyze and predict.


Solidify your membership within the Onyx Order with a limited NFT. More details to come as the developments on this feature are finalized.

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